Chapter One

Simplisticated: finding sophistication in simplicity

…in which Ashley eats oatmeal in front of her computer and wonders what to say first.

Let’s see…my name is Ashley. I love music and food. I love Jesus. Sometimes I love exercise. I write resumes for a living and help people land the kinds of jobs they know they can do, but think they can’t compete for (sometimes they even double their salary!). I usually do that while staying at home with my girls and drinking coffee.

I struggle with chaos and am always trying to cultivate simplicity and peace. Like, in everything. Everything from working in the kitchen to parenting my two amazing daughters (ages 4 and 2, currently) to organizing and beautifying my home to learning to love my own body to running my own business to navigating the heartache of losing an unborn child. It’s every bit as complicated as it sounds.

It’s thought that Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the sophistication”.

I believe him. I just wish that finding simplicity wasn’t so complicated. Maybe this will help.


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